format: vinyl, CD, digital




format: CD, digital




format: vinyl, CD, digital


Ground - Music Video         11/20

«Ground» is the last video from the «You Could Almost» album!

New album out now!           10/24

«You Could Almost» is out on all digital platforms.

New single & music video      6/14

This is «You Could Almost», my new single and title track of my 2nd album due for release in October!

You can stream it on Spotify and Bandcamp too! <3

Chapter 2 released!           1/29

The single «End Of Wine» launches the 2nd chapter of «You Could Almost». STREAM ON BANDCAMP


Here's the video, directed by me and Indiana Caudillo Martinez and made in collaboration with Prague film school students Issy McCallum Stewart (actress), Indiana Caudillo Martinez (DoP), Jacopo Giulini (art director) and Scott Lipman (actor and here co-writer with Serena Maggini).


This will be the last post for a while, I'll share news on my social media platforms when possible since I'm in Patagonia till March 10.


New music video!              12/5

«Spinnin' Around In The Shade» is the second single and video from the first chapter of my second album «You Could Almost».


Starring Dario Pedrazzi, the drummer who has followed me in studio and onstage since the very beginning of my musical career.

You Could Almost (Chapter 1)  10/5

«You Could Almost (Chapter 1)», the EP containing the first 3 songs from my new album, was released today!

Download it on Bandcamp or iTunes Store.


And listen on Spotify & all main digital platforms!

PREORDER CHAPTER 1            10/1

This is «Underneath My Feet», the first single and music video from «You Could Almost (Chapter 1)».


This and 2 more songs will be released in a digital EP on Friday, as first chapter of my new album, which I aim to publish over 2018/2019 as 3 digital chapters and finally on Vinyl LP.


You can already pre-order the first chapter on Bandcamp:


NEXT WEEK my new SINGLE / VIDEO will be released!

The first of 3 songs from the first chapter of my new album.


I'm really excited and still can't believe it's done! It's been a really long process to produce both the song and the video fully independently and take care of all technical aspects as well as the artistic side.

Looking forward to presenting the finished work to you!


CHAPTER 1 IS COMING           8/19

«You Could Almost» Chapter 1 will be released in Autumn!

Watch the first teaser, made from backstage videos taken by friends during the recording and mixing sessions.



Release date will be announced in a couple of weeks.

RECORDING                     7/13

I started recording the first chapter of my second album You Could Almost. It's been intense and wonderful so far.

Singles and videos are due for release next Autumn!

Updates about the production on Facebook and Instagram.

BACK ON TRACK                 5/31

Thank you so much for supporting our campaign on Musicraiser!

You made us reach 100% of our minimum goal, cool!


We still have time until June 25 to raise funds for my next album You Could Almost.

Spread the word: 16 more raisers and we will get a lot of opportunities for live dates and promotion!


...also, we have a date, if you're in Ticino next month:


Festa della Musica - Mendrisio


Stage: Corso Bello


Time: 11.00 PM



Come party with us, it's the best thing before we lock ourselves in the studio to start recording!

YOU COULD ALMOST              5/11



In these 2 years from my debut album ALLUVISION release, many of you appreciated and supported what I built with my musicians, so really: thanks a lot!


You frequently asked me when I would make a new record, well, we’re working on that, and this time all 3 together from the beginning! It’s name is You Could Almost and it’s going to be a 4-chapter album, which will allow us to focus on every single song and video (one for each track).

The first episode could be out in September already, but to make it we’re asking you a little help via our crowdfunding campaign on Musicraiser.


>> <<


We point out that we’re not asking for charity, in fact we're offering an actual pre-sale of our work.


We have 45 days to raise the funds needed for the success of the campaign, which will give us the opportunity to make this first album chapter the best way we can, and will give you exclusive premiere of all the tracks as they are released, plus a series of rewards at your choice, from a T-shirt to the previous discography, up to a concert especially organized for you, and much more.


It’s going to be a new amazing journey, which you can all join!


#youcouldalmost make it real


See you soon, thank you! <3

Nic Gyalson, Serena, Dario


A video format I created on my Instagram and Facebook pages. Every Monday I post a video of a  short psychedelic groovy track conceived over the weekend. Watch the first 4 clips:

NEW SINGLE OUT!               2/12

I released a new single called "Mr Sorrow".

A song I wrote 5 years ago in Berlin.


Wanna support? That's great, thanks a lot! You can buy the track at your free offer on Bandcamp.


On December 5 I released my soundtrack album and presented it live in Lugano while projecting the films. It was a wonderful experience and the last show with bassist Francesco Martire.

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